A sip of Paradise

Tamra realized the difficulties In the marketplace to find a great tasting beverage that was free of artificial flavors and sweeteners.  Moreso, teas that didn’t taste watered down, bitter or processed. After constantly searching and trying new beverages, she was eager to develop a unique line of “All Natural” teas.

In creating blends that both tea lovers as well as non tea drinkers have come to love, Tamra’s  goal is to inspire, encourage and empower women and people all over the world to believe in their dreams and soar higher than the mind can fathom.  Having overcome the many struggles such as race, gender and stereotypes that plagued her journey to Paradise Island Tea, she’s passionate about being an advocate to and for others.

Giveaway vacation to Paradise Island in Nassau Bahamas


Enter Now

The requirements:

We are setting out to sell 2,000 6 Packs & 8 Packs. After selling the required 2,000, we’ll draw a name.

What’s included on our end?
  • We will ONLY pay for a 3- 4 day all inclusive(excluding alcoholic beverages) cruise.
  • The winner is responsible for their transportation and any accommodations outside of the ship.

Required packages purchased to be entered the Nassau Bahamas drawing 6 Packs & 8 Packs.

If the required 2,000 packs sell by April 2020 The drawing will be in the spring of 2020. The cruise will be booked for next October 2020.